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Reception Hall Lease Agreement



This Lease Agreement is hereby entered on_______, between ANGELS VIEW L.L.C. and __________________________________ renting Cabin #______________.


HOME PHONE_____________   WORK PHONE___________ CELL_____________.


Date of Rental__________________                     Time_______to________.





Hours of Operation: Monday –Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and Sunday 10:00 a.m. to 6 p.m.  The reception hall must be cleaned and vacated following the event.  Any changes to these rental hours must be approved prior to the reservation and may be subject to a rate adjustment.


Rates:  Hourly rate is $100.00 dollars with a minimum of 1 hour.   This agreement will not be considered effective nor will the lease date be reserved until receipt of the rental fee. Please make checks payable to ANGELS VIEW L.L.C..


Damage Deposit:  there will be a cash damage deposit of  $100.00 for full day rentals. A walk through of the facility will be conducted before and after the event with the person in charge and a member of the staff.  If the facility is left in original condition, the damage deposit will be returned.  The deposit will be applied against any damages, discrepancy or violation.  In the event that the lessee leaves the facility in a condition that requires more that a standard re-inspection, the lessee will be liable for hourly charges for time expended by the personnel in connection with redemption efforts concerning the facility.  This may include but is not limited to contractor coordination, subsequent inspections, accounting procedures, cleaning, etc. Rates charged are currently $100.00 per hour. There will be a minimum of $50.00 dollars retained for cleaning; because of cloths that have to be dry cleaned.


Occupancy/Use:  Maximum capacity of the reception hall  is 60 persons.


Requirements and Restrictions:

A.          The lessee is responsible to leave the reception hall and the parking lot in the same condition as it was prior to use by the lessee.

B.            The lessee is entitled to inspect the reception hall prior to use.  The condition of the reception hall will be inspected by a staff member immediately following the event.

C.           This is a smoke-free reception hall:   any evidence of smoking in the facility will result in forfeiture of the entire damage deposit. Ashtrays have been provided for your use outside the building.

Lessee Responsibilities: 

A.          The lessee will be held responsible for the conduct of his/her guest.

B.           Any use of the reception hall must be strictly in accordance with Black Bear Ridge Resort’s rules and regulations as well as law and ordinances of the County.

C.          Any sale, or resale of alcohol is strictly prohibited.

D.          Any disturbances resulting in a legitimate complaint will be cause of the immediate termination of the Lessee’s use of the reception hall.  Future use of the reception hall by the lessee is granted will be subject to any special security provisions deemed necessary by the General Manager.

E.           The Lessee agrees to hold harmless Black Bear Ridge Resort L.L.C. and Angels View L.L.C. its management from any and all liabilities and actions by the lessee and his/her guests resulting from the use of the reception hall and its facilities. Black Bear Ridge Resort L.L.C. and its management will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to any personal property of any kind.


I have read the above Lease Agreement and the Rental Policies and Procedures and will abide by all stated requirements. I understand that any discrepancy, damage or violation of these requirements by myself or any of my guests may result in the loss of my damage deposit, immediate termination of privileges under this lease, and/or suspension of my future use privileges.


Signature of Lessee:_______________________________Date Rental Fee Paid:_______


Date Damage Deposit Paid:___________Received by:____________________________


Date Deposit Returned:_______________Deposit Amount Returned:________________


                               Lessee Initial:________________Returned by:_______________


Due to health codes no outside food will be allowed other that our own contracted servers.